God led me to the Hallelujah diet over one year ago after continuing to get sick and the beginning of serious health problems; arthritis, overweight and very low energy. The diet was a dramatic change and helped me so much. My arthritis pain disappeared and I lost 35 pounds.

Little did I know how lifesaving this diet change would be to me in the next year. Three months ago I lost my voice and could not talk. Since I am a Counselor and Instructor, this was a serious problem. I made an appointment with my family Doctor - who was a Christian. My Doctor sent me to a specialist, who was also a very Godly Doctor.

This Doctor ordered a CAT scan of my larnyx to see if I had any tumors in my throat. The technician that did my CAT scan (also a Christian man) did not find any tumors in my throat, but did find a tumor in my left lung about the size of a golf ball. This tumor was pressing against my aorta and other vital organs on and near my heart. My Doctor told me this was a very serious and grave situation. He ordered another CAT scan just to be sure. Yes, it was a tumor.

I was sent to a Heart Specialist (also a very Godly Doctor) who took one look at the CAT scan and gave me the worst possible news. I would need a very serious and complicated surgery and it would be life threatening. He said he was afraid of what he would find, and whether he would be able to remove this tumor because of my heart and aorta. He told me it was highly likely to be cancer and he did not know how much damage the cancer might have done already.

I went home and prayed. The next week I went to Church and asked to be anointed and prayed over by my Elders. Many Saints began praying for me. I began eating mounds of fresh vegetables, increased my Barley Green, and increased my carrot juice to several fresh glasses a day. God allowed me to continue on this diet for two months before I had surgery.

When the time came for my surgery, all my family and friends were there. They were praying and weeping and very afraid.

Praise God, when the Doctor went into my lung the tumor was gone. All that remained was an enlarged lymph node which he removed completely. My Doctor was amazed and began praising God for this miracle.

God's ways are true! If we are obedient and listen to Him, He is the great physician!!!

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