What A Difference The Hallelujah Diet Made During My Fourth Pregnancy!

I became familiar with Hallelujah Diet Ministries just prior to our fourth pregnancy. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. I realized I needed to become stricter with my diet, and went vegetarian. Though I did end up having the abnormal cells removed 11-months after my diagnosis, I think The Hallelujah Diet, that I had adapted to the extent I did, kept them from getting worse. I felt myself very fortunate to carry the cancer cells that long and not have them turn to full-blown cancer or spread. I have since read your book, 'Pregnancy, Children, and The Hallelujah Diet' by Olin Idol. I was so excited when you came out with that book! I had really longed for it during my fourth pregnancy and although it wasn't available then, I was glad to get it now, as we are expecting our fifth.

I would like to tell you what a difference The Hallelujah Diet made during my fourth pregnancy. I felt better than with any of the other three. I had gained 35-45 pounds with the first three, but not only did I gain more with each, but I felt worse with each. When I changed my diet with the fourth, I only gained 18 pounds, and felt great! The delivery was also the best of all four. I have always had good deliveries, but this one beat them all. The night prior to our fourth's birth, we went to the hospital around
11:00 pm. They released us at 2:00 am., thinking I wasn't in labor. We got up the next morning to return to the hospital but prior to leaving the house, my water broke at 7:04 am., and by 7:07 am. I was holding April Joy in my arms. I didn't push even once and felt no pain after my water broke. We are planning a home birth for our fifth. April Joy is now 2 years old and loves raw veggies, fruit smoothies, BarleyMax�, carrot juice, etc. All the kids (ages 2, 5, 6, and 8) have made the changes to our vegan lifestyle very well, but it has been the easiest for the youngest. They have known nothing different. I have even caught April sneaking BarleyMax out of the cupboard!

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