A Different Take on The Hallelujah Diet

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Dear George, Here's a different slant on The Hallelujah Diet. When our Border Collie (Holly) got sick a year and a half ago, I began thinking that if proper diet works for humans, then it should work for Holly also. At the time, Holly had Pyoderma -- a skin infection. It had broken out all over her body and face as oozing sores. The vet gave us antibiotics, but I could not get them into her.

Over the years, she had also suffered with frequent fits of some kind. We took her to different vets who were all puzzled over them. These fits gradually disappeared after we decided to stop having her vaccinated. But the Pyoderma continued. Eventually, I switched her food from store bought dry dog chow (the best 'natural' chow I could find), to all raw vegetables, and because she's carnivorous, I added raw meat. I grind up various raw vegetables with lots of fresh garlic, and mix them with raw turkey, Barley Max, and Flax Oil. Every couple of days I open up a Probiotic capsule and mix that in too.

It has been amazing to see the change in her! Not only did the Pyoderma problem clear up in just a couple of months after switching her food, but today she is not only well, but she is better than ever! Acting like a puppy at the age of eleven, and people remark on her lovely, soft, and shiny fur. Also, she used to whimper in distaste over her previous diet, sometimes leaving it untouched - Now she begs me for her supper, and licks the bowl clean.

Just goes to show that we are not only messing up our own lives by eating wrong, but also those of our precious pets. Thank you for your inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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Because of My Diet, I Don't Have Any of These Symptoms Anymore

Because of My Diet, I Don't Have Any of These Symptoms Anymore

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