I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Stage 3B. The kind I had was very aggressive and the doctors told me I had only a 30% chance of survival, even with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. For this particular cancer, chemotherapy is given first, then surgery and then radiation. I did do the chemotherapy because I knew nothing about natural healing at the time, but instead of going for surgery, I went down to a clinic in Mexico where I was introduced to a vegan, raw food diet.

When I came back to Canada, somebody told me about Dr. Lorraine Day and I got her videos. On a couple of her videos, she talked about Hallelujah Diet, and so I ordered 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' After reading that book, I knew for sure I would get better without surgery. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet now for three and a half years and my cancer has been gone for over two years. I took the Hallelujah Diet Health Minister Training in Canada and am currently leading support groups to help others learn this lifestyle. You will get better if you will stay on The Hallelujah Diet.

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