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Dear Rev. Malkmus, I am a 57-year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis. When I first tried The Hallelujah Diet I was fed up with our 'health care' system. I had been in the hospital 4 times that year, and had been treated with a 5- day regimen of steroids on each occasion. I was also taking 13 drugs per day - drugs like morphine, Percocet and Oxycontin, and still having trouble with MS exacerbations. Nothing doctors were doing was helping and I was miserable. I could hardly get through my days.

I was put on complete Social Security disability and had no hope of anything more in a day's time than lying around, sleeping, popping drugs, feeling very bad, and of course being very depressed. That's when I went into a local Christian bookstore to get a book, any book that might help me, and found your book The Hallelujah Diet. Then a stranger heard my MS story and suggested The Hallelujah Acres website.

After doing a moderate amount of study, my husband (who is very supportive) and I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and almost immediately set about weaning myself off all the medications the doctors had me on. It took 2� months, but eventually I was even able to discontinue the morphine patches. On The Hallelujah Diet I gradually got better and better. We stayed strictly on the diet for 6 months.

Then, a little at a time, I started going back to my old SAD, until I was completely off The Hallelujah Diet and back on the meat, sugar, and cooked food diet again. On the SAD, my symptoms soon returned, and it was back to the doctors for my 'health care.' First it was one drug, then two and then more and more until finally I was on 6 different drugs. Finally I said 'NO MORE' to the neurologists. This gave me a very bad reputation for being a difficult patient, and this went into my medical records. Each time a doctor wanted to add another drug I refused until I ferociously dreaded any future doctor appointment and was willing to do almost anything to put an end to this endless drug regimen the doctors insisted I be on.

As you can imagine, the current health care pathway that doctors take is a very expensive one, but 'insurance pays for it, right!' It becomes so easy to say to yourself that the whole world's system of health care can't be wrong, but it is! Sadly, I didn't wake up to this until the doctors wanted to put me on a completely new drug called Tysarbi. It was controversial, and three out of 2000 die of a brain disease from this combination therapy. They say there is no way of knowing who will develop this brain disease or what causes it, but they prescribed the drug anyway to the tune of $28,000 per year, because my insurance would pay for it.

My husband and I made the decision to not take the drug. Now we are back on The Hallelujah Diet and will do it absolutely the best we can, and trust God the best we can. And again, I will wean myself off the medications and hopefully never go the doctor and health care system currently available in America ever again.

Rev. Malkmus, I agree completely with what you say about our nation's present health care system. Our doctors may mean well, but they don't know. They are uninformed and are being taught incorrectly in medical school. The hours they spend on any type of nutritional education are practically zilch. They do the best they can, but the truth is that it is 'we the people' who have given them the ever-increasing power that they have over us. They think they are God, but they are not!

When God made us, He knew what he was doing, and you Rev. Malkmus are correct when you say we are the ones who make the decision to go the doctor route. We are the only one who can decide what our health will be, and I can tell you that this has now been beaten into my brain the hard way. While on The Hallelujah Diet I was able to eliminate all my drugs and my MS exacerbations almost totally went away. Then when I returned to the SAD, my exacerbations returned, and back on the drugs I went.

We may think that it is expensive to purchase BarleyMax� and organic carrots, and all the things we need to be healthy, but the alternative to that is the loss of not only our health, but also our will. When we no longer can choose how we spend our day, then we have lost our freedom. How long will it take us to realize that our health is our choice? I believe the answer to this issue all boils down quite simply to education, not government health care, nor money, but rather educating ourselves to the truth of where real health care comes from - a healthy diet and God.

You, Rev. Malkmus, are correct! Our nation is suffering the consequences of a burdened health care system, but it has been 'we the people' who have allowed it to be so. Until 'we the people' stand up and each personally chose health, by choosing to put only healthy foods into our body, nothing will change. Kindest regards and special thanks.

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Jay C.

Jay C.

Since Adopting The Hallelujah Diet My Ovarian Cancer Has Gone Away

Since Adopting The Hallelujah Diet My Ovarian Cancer Has Gone Away

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