DAY 3... A New Jan Was Born

I am 41 years old and have enjoyed pitiful health for most of my life. I took 13 prescription medications along with a steroid nasal spray everyday. Just to give you my brief medical history, I was diagnosed with the following, hypothroidism (requiring Synthrooid daily for the rest of my life), chronic sinusitis (requiring Claritin and nasal spray since age 17), gastroesophageal reflux for 10 years(Zantac X2), constant facial breakouts since my teenage years, (Minocycline X2), depression since 1991 (Prozac X2), anxiety since 1991 (Xanax X 4)and insomnia since 1991 (Ambien).

Nothing there to take care of my daily headaches and body aches so no less than twice daily I would add some Tylenol Advil or other over the counter preparations to take care of those problems. I also enjoyed about 80 extra pounds.

With this amount of medication you would think that I would feel great, after all that is what my doctor was working toward, wasn't he? I have worked in the medical profession for 23 years as a radiologic technologist. Doctors were our friends, there to fix us. When visiting my doctor, I was told that I needed to loose some weight but was never asked what my typical daily intake was. I was told to count calories and fat grams.

Of course I never left my doctor's office without a new treasured prescription for something that would fix my newest ailment. You notice that I said that I enjoyed pitiful health and extra weight. Enjoyed is the farthest thing from the truth. At age 41 I could see the end of my life getting closer and closer. I could actually see that I was never going to make it to see my children choose their mates much less to see my grandchildren. I was going from day to day doing the best that I knew how. Occasionally I would get an email from unknown email addresses telling about the Hallelujah Diet. I wondered how these unknown people knew that I was fat and I would always just delete the information.

That was until a dear friend of mine mentioned the Hallelujah Diet to me. I had never given it a second thought. She and I decided that we would do the 21 day contract and give it a try since I have tried every diet at least 5 times each. On April 7, 2001 we began day 1 of this newest way to shed the pounds that always came back with at least 10 extra ones from every diet that I had ever tried. My biggest loss or so I thought was Coke. I drank at least a 2 liter daily. Meat being my second largest loss. I knew that this would be the longest 21 days of my life. It wasn't so bad, days 1 and 2 passed.

Day 3. a new Jan was born. I felt energy that I never recall feeling. I began leaving off several of my medications everyday and after only 12 days on the Hallelujah Diet, I was off all except 1 of my medications. I have spoken to several people that have told me that they or family members have had to go through professional detox to get off of the dosage of Xanax that I was on. I was truly starting to live. I felt wonderful and still do.

The only medication that I was taking after 12 days was Synthroid and that was because I was told by my doctor that I would have to take that for the rest of my life. After only 3 weeks on the Hallelujah Diet I went off of the Synthroid. I prayed that God would guide me in this and I also let those close to me know that if I started acting funny to please tell me and make sure that I resumed my Synthriod. After 1 month of being off of the Synthroid I had bloodwork drawn to be tested for my thyroid level. Normal is .4 to 5.5. I have never even been a 4 nor had I ever been a whole number. Several days after my bloodwork I received a phone call from my doctor's office telling me to stay on the dosage of Synthroid that I was on. I then asked what my numbers were and the nurse told me to hold on while she checked my chart. She came back to the phone and told me that my thyroid stimulating hormone level was 2.5, the best it has ever been her words.

You know that my words were a simple Hallelujah. I say that word at least 10 times a day and with much heartfelt feeling behind it. What a perfect name for my new lifestyle. As an added bonus I have lost 22 pounds without even trying and know that the remaining extra weight will go as well.

On my 3 month anniversay I was at Hallelujah Acres and got the great pleasure of hearing Dr. Malkmus give his How to Eliminate Sickness seminar. I got the pleasure as well to meet Rhonda his God given helpmate in this journey. What a treasure that God meant for us all to have and what a gem that Dr. Malkmus and Rhonda are in this world to educate those of us who will listen. How can the words thank you ever relay to these two wonderful servants of God what I feel for returning to me the gift of my good health and for showing me what God wanted for me all along. The Hallelujah lifestyle is now mine. I have been delivered from all of my health problems. I can now see myself as a wonderfully God made wife, mother and yes I can see myself spoiling my grandchildren and loving every moment of my midlife and golden years. Hallelujah!!!!

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