Hi Doctor Malkmus, My wife Dorothy, myself, and our two teenage girls have been on The Hallelujah Diet since 1997, and we became Health Ministers several years ago. Next to the Lord, I owe you my life!

Dorothy was watching the "700 Club" in July of 1997, saw you talking, and called me to watch. After listening to you Doctor Malkmus, we immediately started on The HallelujahDiet. You see, I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an incurable disease, and was told by the medical establishment that I could never get well.

Well, God is a God of miracles. In time, on The Hallelujah Diet, I was completely healed of the Ulcerative Colitis. I was also healed of some kind of arthritis in my leg, which had plagued me since my early thirties, and every other ache and pain. Today, I never get sick!

My wife Dorothy, no longer had need of her glasses after three years on The Hallelujah Diet. Her sciatic nerve problems completely cleared up, her countenance changed, her PMS, as well as her mood swings lightened up. Today, she is never sick!

My youngest daughter Amy, who was seven at the time we started on The Hallelujah Diet, had terrible colon problems, extreme constipation, her fingernails were soft and weak, and she was very sickly. Today, her colon is normal, her fingernails are strong, and she is as healthy as a lark!

My other daughter Laura, who started The Hallelujah Diet at age ten, was plagued with stomachaches, headaches, and often came down with the flu before adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Now she is also totally healthy and strong. Today, after six and a half years on The Hallelujah Diet, all four
of us are extremely healthy, strong, and telling all we can that 'You Don't Have To Be Sick!

For anyone who says that your body begins breaking down after four or five months on The Hallelujah Diet, I have to say that I haven't seen any evidence of that in our family. We have taught The Hallelujah Diet for several years, and have seen many healed of many diseases.

For instance, take the McHales: Patsy was documented as having been healed of Diabetes on The Hallelujah Diet. Her husband George was healed of Sleep Apnea. George told his brother Bill about The Hallelujah Diet, and he was healed of Ulcerative Colitis and is now also a Health Minister. (Bill McHale's testimony was featured in Back to the Garden # 23)

Doctor Malkmus, I am eternally grateful to you for the seed you planted in my family and me way back there on the 700 Club in 1997. Since then, I have been slowly working out of the Construction business, and Dorothy and I have recently jumped into the Health Ministry full time. Besides teaching our group and writing a weekly newsletter, we have a stand at a large Farmer's Market, and do Festival and Craft Shows, where we share with many people that God does not want them to be sick. Our vision is to one-day see Northeastern Pennsylvania become one of the healthiest places in America, next to your North Carolina, of course!

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