I Was Completely Healed by God, Because He Led Me To The Best Diet In This World

Dear Pastor George, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, and without knowledge had radiation, which I really regret. But almost immediately, I heard about The Hallelujah Diet and started juicing a lot, eating salads and fruit and grains, eliminating animal products and sweets, and was completely healed by God, because He led me to the best diet in this world. Glory to God, and many thanks to you and your wife Rhonda!

In the year 2000, my husband Robert and I came to Hallelujah Diet and became Health Ministers. Along with The Hallelujah Diet, I also started a good program of exercise walking 4 miles in one hour almost every day, along with jumping on my rebounder (mini-trampoline). After six-years on The Hallelujah Diet, I feel better than I did 30-years ago! Since starting the diet, I haven't been sick, or had the flu, never get tired, look younger, and nobody believes that I am 64-years old. Since starting the diet I have taken no pills at all, not even an aspirin, except for my vitamin B-12. I have a business in Peru, South America, where I go every 3-months, and I tell everybody about The Hallelujah Diet. This whole experience has been a blessing from God. God bless you always!

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