God bless you, George, for staying the course and not wavering for all these years! The Hallelujah Diet works! I am celebrating my 5-year breast cancer free anniversary this month, without chemotherapy or radiation, to God be the glory.

I have had ongoing medical tests showing my healing since day one of diagnosis. I want to thank you so much for keeping the Hallelujah Diet simple and to the point, plus offering all the awesome Hallelujah resources to help me walk the walk each day.

I am also 60 pounds lighter than when I started the Hallelujah Diet (118 lbs. at 5'3). No more lifelong allergies; normal cholesterol; no more stomach, digestive, or colon problems, etc.

My husband David is retiring this January 2002 so we can share the Hallelujah healing journey with others full time! We are grateful to God to be alive and to know the truth that has set us free from physical problems so that we in turn can share the Hallelujah healing journey with others. We pray for you and Hallelujah Diet to be protected by God as we see the world attacked by the enemy, however, greater is He (God) who is in us than he who is in the world, amen.

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