Another Member of the Family Benefits from BarleyMax

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I have a very different kind of testimony that may be of interest to pet lovers. In July of this year I bought a pair of guinea pigs from a local pet store. They were both young and beautiful. After a few days at home, I noticed that the female was having loud, labored breathing. When I took her to the vet, he told me she had a severe respiratory infection, probably pneumonia, and that there was a good chance she might not make it.

My two options were to take the guinea pig back to the store and demand another one or to keep this one and try to nurse it back to health. The vet and I agreed that the store would probably not do anything to restore the guinea pig's health if I returned it, so I decided to keep it and see what we could do at home. The vet put her on antibiotics that gave her diarrhea and caused her to lose her appetite. Since I drank BarleyMax greens every morning, I decided to save the last sip and feed it each morning to the guinea pig with a syringe. I thought I'd have to force feed it to her, but she absolutely loved the taste! In fact, I couldn't get her to let go of the syringe easily. She was like a baby with a bottle!

I saw her health improve. She even had a severe infestation of mites (which I'm sure she brought with her from the pet store) and had to receive strong injections of medication for that. Once again, she lost her appetite, but the Barley Green nursed her back to health. In conclusion, this frail, sick little guinea pig that nearly died a few months ago is now strong, healthy, large, and expecting!

We've long known that guinea pigs have been used as experimental animals for testing of products and medicines. I put our guinea pig to the test with Barley Green and she passed with flying colors! If it did this much good for a small mammal, can you believe what good it must do for large mammals like ourselves? By -the-way, instead of buying the pet store junk food for our guinea pigs, they follow a Hallelujah Diet of fresh fruit and vegetables--and distilled water--every day of their lives and they are thriving because they are eating the foods that God created their bodies to ingest. Interesting, isn't it?

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Because of My Diet, I Don't Have Any of These Symptoms Anymore

Because of My Diet, I Don't Have Any of These Symptoms Anymore

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