I Canceled My Scheduled Prostate Cancer Surgery

In January 2009, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Doctors recommended a radical prostatectomy, which was scheduled for September 9th.

Between diagnosis and the time of the scheduled surgery, one of the members of my Sunday School class asked me if I was open to trying something else. I asked her to send me the information and that I would look at it. The information she gave me was the website www.hacres.com and the name of a person I could speak to. It turned out that person was a Hallelujah Diet Health Minister.

After talking to the Health Minister I did some more research and felt that eating healthier couldn't hurt anything and so I adopted the Hallelujah Diet after having been eating the toxic Standard American Diet (SAD) for the past 54 years. I had decided I would make the diet change and then evaluate its results after three months.

After just three months on the Hallelujah Diet my health had improved so much and I was feeling better than I had felt in years I canceled my scheduled surgery.

I have learned a lot since that first introduction to Hallelujah Diet. I have read several books about cancer, treatments, and how diet relates to cancer, and I am convinced that healthy eating and prevention through diet is the key.

I have also come to realize that most people do not understand the harm the SAD diet is doing to them and have a great misconception about how the foods they are eating are affecting their health.

Prior to adopting the Hallelujah Diet I ate no vegetables except on occasion some cooked corn, peas and green beans. Since being on the Hallelujah diet I have learned to love foods I previously thought were only for rabbits. I never want to go back to my previous eating habits, and I now want to share the message of Hallelujah Diet with others before they get a diagnosis of cancer.

Since God has opened my eyes to my own health, I feel it is important for me to help others in this area.

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