God bless you all for this ministry, it has done miracles for me. I began the Hallelujah Diet (I prefer to call it a lifestyle) in April of 1999 and by November of 1999, when I had my yearly physical, there had been unbelievable changes. My cholesterol dropped from 230 to 146, all my blood work was normal, I no longer had tendinitis in my left foot, and I had lost 55 pounds. I even had to have my eyes re-examined and found that my refraction was now too strong because my eyesight had improved so drastically.

God had surely been working miracles in my body and soul. I have never felt better in all my 53 years. However, at that same check-up I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I saw a surgeon at Duke, who immediately wanted to perform a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I struggled with the decision to have surgery or not, because if God could heal me of all the other problems I'd had, why could He not heal cancer! The surgeon kept pushing me for surgery, but I just couldn't feel comfortable with that.

Then in February , my husband and I had the opportunity to attend the 'How to Eliminate Sickness' seminar at Hallelujah Diet. I went with five or six specific questions about dealing with cancer nutritionally and, praise God, every single one of those questions was answered at some point during the seminar. My husband and I both left there that day certain that surgery was not the answer. I continued seeing my surgeon periodically for one thing or another. I had a bone scan done, which proved there was no other cancer in my body, so I made another appointment with him for three months later and began a regime of 5-6 tablespoons of dehydrated barley juice powder and 6-8 eight ounce glasses of carrot juice daily.

By the time I went back to the surgeon at the end of June, the largest tumor had shrunk at least in half, and the smaller tumor was rather hard to even find! My surgeon dismissed me because I would not have surgery and he was not interested in participating in any way in my 'unconventional' way of treating cancer. He basically told me I was signing my own death certificate. I had hoped that he would continue to monitor me periodically so that when the tumors are completely gone there would be scientific evidence to prove it (not to mention the witness it would be to the medical profession). Thank you very much for promoting the Hallelujah lifestyle!

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