As you can see, we live a long way from you folks (New Zealand), but after listening to your tape over and over and reading 'God's Way to Ultimate Health', we feel we know you! My wife, Carol, and I have both changed our diet to what your tape and book recommend. Also, have bought a Champion juicer and water distiller.

About eight years ago, Carol was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and has been on medication since, with a slow but sure progression of the disease, and our only hope being that a 'cure' be discovered before the crippling effects became too severe. Since starting the Hallelujah Diet, she is already seeing and feeling great improvement - almost all inflammation from knees and wrists has gone with a marked reduction in pain. But best of all, she has hope and the knowledge that the diet and lifestyle change is working. And all this after only three weeks! Carol has also been able to stop all medication.

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