In late 1994, my family and I were introduced to a method of better eating called The Hallelujah Diet. The messenger was a man by the name of Morris Watson who had just completed his Health Ministry training at Hallelujah Diet.

My wife and I were both born in 1946 in Rochester, Minnesota. We have four children and ten grandchildren. By the early 1990s, my physical condition had been brought to a place that could only be described as disastrous.

I had been suffering from an arthritic condition since the early 1970s that would leave me bedridden for days, sometimes weeks. I remember weeks at a time I would be taking 7 or 8 aspirin every 3 to 5 hours just so I could move about the house.

I had a grandfather that had died from emphysema, a father that has suffered from sinus problems all his life, and I had joined them by suffering from respiratory and sinus problems since the 1950s.

I had suffered from severe intestinal problems and internal infections since the early 1980s. These problems developed into intense intestinal pain, hemorrhoid problems, constant internal bleeding, and finally resulted in having to wear sanitary napkins for years and finally adult diapers.

I couldn't remember a day in my life that I ever woke up in the morning without feeling like I had been hit by a truck, danced on by a giraffe, squeezed by a gorilla, and sat on by an elephant. It took me at least 30 to 45 minutes to pull myself together and become civil each morning, and it caused me to dread the beginning of every day.

My eyesight was fading, my hair was falling out, and my hearing was getting bad. My skin was often dried out, my joints were locking up and beginning to malfunction, and I can only imagine the disastrous condition of my heart, colon, and other body parts that were suffering from almost 50 years of neglect and abuse.

I cannot express how important it was for me to receive the news, and gain the understanding that my poor eating habits were the singular cause of almost every bit of my suffering! I can only say this with both confidence and authority, because I was the person described above, and after changing my diet and lifestyle to the one recommended by George Malkmus, the entire list above became past history in my life!

In the Bible, there was a man who was blind. Thanks to the goodness of a loving God, his condition was dealt with. Being made whole, he could see. The professionals of his day tried to reason away the reality of his experience. After much deliberation and meaningless dialogue, the man simply declared that once he was blind, but now he could see. He went off rejoicing in the great thing that God had
done, and the rest were left in their doubt, indecision, and disbelief. Their foolishness mattered not to him, because he had the reality of God's truth and goodness in his life.

The healthful reality I have experienced, through the diet and lifestyle change that I have made, is a truth I love to share. The simplicity of my testimony has the same message as the man in the Bible: For once I also was physically incapacitated, but not any more! I am very thankful for the goodness and greatness of God's teachings and promises, and I am also grateful for the faithfulness of His messengers.

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