My husband & I wish to thank you for continuing to send us 'Back to the Garden'. For the past 14 months we have basically been on your program including carrot juice & dehydrated barley juice powder. We have experienced wonderful results.

My husband has Peripheral Neuropathy - a continuing disabling disease for which there is no cure. Before January 1994 he had been examined by several medical specialists with an abundance of lab & other testing done. The myelin sheath of his nerves was being destroyed. They offered only 3 medical treatments--none a cure and two included possibly severe side-effects. Dick decided to reject these treatments and in January 1994 learned of & began a detox program. Following the detox program we both started the type of diet you recommend in your magazine.

When Dick started the detox he had numbness in feet and spreading upwards to thighs. Numbness in finger tips, balance was affected, difficulty in walking, night sweats & more. Personality was changing also. He states about 8 weeks after the detox & diet change he began having feelings in feet & finger tips, gate improved, no night sweats & basically a changed person. He can also now walk over 2 miles per day. If Dick gets off the diet his symptoms start to return. He is not cured but the improvement is remarkable. Your diet will be our way of life from now on. As for myself, arthritic pain in my feet, thumb and neck are gone and fingernails are strong and healthy. They were splitting, peeling and breaking. We praise God for leading us in this direction and pray you will continue in your wonderful work of bringing God's Way of life and health to others.

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