Men's Health: The Importance Of A Prostate Health Diet     

Men's Health: The Importance Of A Prostate Health Diet     

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Good prostate health and a diet that supports it is something unique to men. This tiny but a vital organ controls various processes in the body and can cause big problems if not attended to.

The Function of the Prostate

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits between the bladder and penis. The prostate gland produces the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT controls testosterone in the body. The prostate also controls the flow of urine and the desire to urinate. It acts as a preventative for bladder infections. Many times, when men start to experience trouble urinating, this is the first sign that there is a problem in the prostate.

Comparing Healthy and Enlarged Prostate

The Prostate Health Diet Plan

If you are going to take care of your prostate, you need to take care of the rest of your body with an effective prostate health diet. Providing your body with plenty of nutrition to correctly produce the right hormones and control sexual desires is of utmost importance. You’ll have to make sure your urine remains flowing and free of toxins, and your bowel movements stay regular. Things like diarrhea and constipation place your prostate at risk for prostate cancer and prostate disease. A good detox helps reduce these toxins and help your colon flow freely.

What to Eat for Prostate Health

Fruits and Veggies

The basis of all healthy diets is fruits and vegetables. Our God put down a perfect plan for eating right in His book. It tells us that fruits and vegetables are what give us life and vitality. We should be getting in about 18 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This provides us with plenty of nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and healthy fibers that help our body. Fruits and vegetables help regulate the pH of our urine. We want our urine to be a low pH because it prevents kidney stone crystals from forming and bacteria from becoming a problem. Good fruits and vegetables help our digestive system move properly. We should be having a bowel evacuation 18 to 24 hours after we eat. For a person who eats three meals a day, they should have three bowel movements per day. Unfortunately, our society has trained us that one or fewer bowel movements a day is normal.


We do not need any meat in our diet. Although we highly stress eliminating meat from your diet altogether, if you do decide to eat meat, make sure you’re getting it from naturally raised and local sources and keep it minimal. Naturally raised, local meat tends to be free on antibiotics, carcinogens, and preservatives and has a better fat profile then commercially raised animals. Plus, you’re taking care of God’s creatures by choosing sources that are humanely raised.


Athletic man drinking water

To keep the kidneys flowing, you’ve got to drink plenty of water. Far too many people in our land are dehydrated. You should make sure to stay thoroughly hydrated every day! Soda and alcohol tend to block things off, so we don't recommend them. You should eliminate fruit juices and coffee, as they tend to have higher amounts of sugar. Vegetable juices are highly encouraged, instead. Good, organic black coffee can provide some relief to your kidneys and prostate, as it helps lower the pH of urine and help stimulate proper hormone production.


Grains are a staple of life, but if you make them a high percentage of your diet, you're asking for trouble. When you eat grains, you should have organic herbicide free grains or sprouted grains. This is the way our ancestors made their bread in the past. The sprouting, fermenting, and use of whole grains give us vitamins and fiber. Processed wheat, such as white flour, has all of the healthy portions of the grain stripped away, leaving only the sugar and starches. This can lead to diabetes, indigestion, constipation, and poor prostate health.


All herbs and spices are healthy and will help support good prostate health. One of the best herbs supplements you can take is saw palmetto, which is found in Adam’s Prostate Care.

Other Stuff

Your diet isn’t the only thing you should change. Make sure you get in plenty of exercise that helps flush your system of toxins and energy. Exercise builds up healthy muscle. Do core workouts, as they massage your digestive system and improve your prostate. Avoid overworking yourself. Be sure you’re getting enough downtime and relaxation time so your body can be stabilized and sleep properly. You throw off all your hormones if you're not getting enough restful sleep or you're too worried about work. And be sure to tell your loved ones you love them. Some studies have shown that merely connecting with your family and telling them you love them helps produce more good hormones that support your health. Share the love, and your prostate will love you, too!

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