Neo40 - 30 lozenges

Neo40 - 30 lozenges

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Our proprietary, patented Neo40 formula out of the University of Texas Health Science Center's N-O Discovery Program, is a convenient daily supplement that helps to quickly increase your body’s Nitric Oxide. In fact, our formula represents a breakthrough in N-O delivery compared to standard L-Arginine supplements or traditional diets aimed at supporting heart health. Neo40 helps:

  • Support healthy blood pressure already in the normal range
  • Supports cardiovascular and heart health
  • May support respiratory health through Nitric Oxide production
  • Promotes increase circulation
  • Provide antioxidant support with an excellent source of Vitamin C
  • World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Ernst Schwarz of Cedars-Sinai led a research study on Neo40 to determine the effects of oral Nitric Oxide supplementation on blood pressure.
  • Using the gold standard in clinical research (a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled methodology), Dr. Schwarz’s early results after just one month of study were astounding.

In just 30 days...

Take one tab daily and allow it to dissolve on your tongue. Do not swallow the tab whole or place under your tongue. You can take two tabs daily during the 30-45 day restoration loading phase. After 30-45 days, take only one tab daily. Never take more than two tabs in a 24-hour period. Each Neo40 box contains a one-month supply, or thirty tabs.

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