Liposomal Prime Time Immune Booster Drink (CS)
Liposomal Prime Time Immune Booster Drink (CS)

Liposomal Prime Time Immune Booster Drink (CS)

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The Liposomal Prime-time Immune Booster Drink Kit provides the 3 key ingredients. You'll just need to add some clean water to quickly create this powerful immune booster.
Vitamin C is essential for proper immune system function. Vitamin C is used by the immune system to kill pathogens. Many chronic health challenges cause a depletion of vitamin C. Did you know that humans are one of only a few mammals who cannot produce this essential vitamin? The human body also doesn’t store much vitamin C, making it critical to consider supplementation.Vitamin C regulates neurotransmitters, helps produce cellular energy and plays an important role making collagen to strengthen ligaments and tendons in our joints. Vitamin C can help increase iron absorption. Iron deficiency is widespread.  Too much iron in the body is not good, but not enough can leave you tired.
The Prime-time Immune Booster Drink Kit includes 1 bottle of Hallelujah Diet Liposomal Vitamin C. There are 30 servings per bottle. Each serving provides 1000 mg of vitamin C!
Liposomal Vitamin C is encased in lyposomes, (like mini-bubbles) derived from Non-GMO sunflower oil. You get a high delivery of vitamin C with liposomal encapsulation. Each dose (1 teaspoon, 5 ml) of liposomal vitamin C contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 400 mg of non-GMO, non-hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine, from sunflower seed lecithin. Phosphatidylcholine is also a nutrient required by the body, helpful especially for liver health (precursor for choline) and memory and cognition benefits (precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter).
Silver Biotics supports the body when the immune system is battling bacterial, viral, or fungal issues. For maintenance and preventive measures, 1 teaspoon of Silver Biotics a couple times a day may be plenty.  If an active infection is  present, consuming 1 teaspoon around every 4 hours, up to 6 times a day would be a much more assertive approach. These are simply guides to consider. Kit includes a 16 oz. bottle of Silver Biotics.
BarleyMax is low temperature dehydrated juice from organic barley grass and alfalfa grass. After fresh vegetable juice, BarleyMax is simply one of the very best foods to support optimal health. It is rich in chlorophyll and the “grass juice factor”. Contains natural living enzymes and makes a great concentrated superfood to consume multiple times daily. Hallelujah Diet suggests taking 1 tsp. of BarleyMax 2 to 3 times daily on a regular basis. With an active infection or chronic issue, upping the amount to 6 servings a day will provide extra nutrition and antioxidants. These are guidelines only. Some people like to take 3 servings of BarleyMax at a time (that would be around 1 Tbsp. at once). BarleyMax is available in Original, Berry-flavor, Mint-flavor and Alfalfa-free. Kit comes with a Large 8.5 oz container of 120 servings.
The Prime-Time Immune Booster Drink, is to be customized to each person’s preference. Here are 2 examples.
Drink example 1:
  • 1 tsp. Liposomal Vitamin C
  • 1 tsp. Silver Biotics
  • 1 tsp. BarleyMax
  • 6 oz water
Drink example 2:
  • 1 tsp. Liposomal Vitamin C
  • 2 tsp. Silver Biotics
  • 1 Tbsp. BarleyMax
  • 14 oz water
Basically, the 3 items in this kit are great to mix together. If you love the fresh robust taste of BarleyMax, you'll probably scoop in a little extra. If you like a more subtle drink, then you may enjoy the basic serving sizes on the containers. Enjoy YOUR preference once a day or multiple times a day. Your immune system is what you rely on to keep you well! Keep it boosted! If you are battling an active infection, you may even want to take each of these 3 supplements up to 6 times a day, spread throughout the day.  Learn More HERE.
(If you need a shaker cup for quick mixing, click HERE  to purchase the Hallelujah Diet shaker cup.)
*Why iodine in not included in this drink:
Iodine is a fabulous immune booster. It is typically suggested to be taken first thing in the morning in a little distilled water and then wait 10 minutes before consuming anything else. Also, iodine is not taken multiple times throughout the day. On the Cancer Rescue Plan guide, it is suggested to be taken twice per day; 7am and 11am. Since the Prime-time Immune Booster Drink may be consumed around 4-6 times a day, iodine would not be taken that often. Iodine can give some people a burst of energy. When taken earlier in the day, there is less chance for it to interfere with sleep at night.

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