I read your Health Tip each week, and they are truly an encouragement to me. Two and a half years ago a friend gave me your book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health,' and it changed the lives of both my mother and I.

Mother, who was then 92, had been suffering for four years with lumbar stenosis and arthritic knees. The stenosis was the worst problem, as I would find her in the mornings, sitting in a chair, weeping with pain--unable to sleep. We tried everything! The orthopedic surgeon put her on oral steroids and later on epidural injections (steroids injected into her spine). Then there was the physical therapist, chiropractor, and (I can't believe I tried this one) an acupuncturist. None of them were able to help her!

I was open to trying virtually anything, and along came your ministry and the Hallelujah Diet. I asked mother if she would be willing to try it, and she agreed. I threw out a ton of 'bad stuff' from the cupboards and refrigerator.In the first three months, doing the diet 100% God's way, we each lost thirty pounds, and within six months, mother was pain free, and we both felt wonderful.

Praise the Lord! You are such a blessing. I have your books, tapes and video, and have shared them with all who show any interest. I know I have helped many by sharing your (God's) health message. God bless you and your dear wife richly for your obedience and hard work. What a mission He has put you in.

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