The reason I am interested in Health Minister Training is because God keeps putting people in my path that want healing and I want to be trained so that I will be in a better position to help them.

I was a very sick woman. I even had to use a wheelchair for long-distance walking. One day in my quiet time with the Lord, I was studying the passage of Scripture where Jesus asked a man if he wanted to be well. The man said that he did, and Jesus healed him. As I studied that passage, the Lord asked me if I wanted to be well? I replied: 'Well, you know Lord, the doctors say my fibromyalgia is incurable! The Lord's response was, 'Rissa! And I replied: 'I know Lord that if You want to heal me, I can be made well, so yes Lord, I want to be healed!'

On that very day, the Lord put me on a path that would intersect with the right people, with the right information - a friend who knew about the healing powers of vegetable juices, and my family physician who told me that juicing was the single most important thing I could do for my health. This friend, who told me about juicing then, put me in touch with her friend who introduced me to The Hallelujah Diet.

On March 20, 2001, I treated my husband to dinner at Ruth Chris' Steakhouse for our 20th wedding anniversary. As they served me that sizzling steak, I looked at it and said: 'This is the last steak I will ever eat, for tomorrow I am going on The Hallelujah Diet!' The very next day I began The Hallelujah Diet, and have never looked back.

Within 4-months of making the diet change, my family joined me, without any nagging on my part, because they were already seeing such fantastic results in me. Within a year I had lost almost 50 pounds, and my incurable fibromyalgia was gone! As the daughter of a Baptist Pastor and Navy Chaplain, I had the privilege of learning about Jesus' love for me and the provision for my salvation from the earliest days of my life. Then, while dad was serving our country during the Vietnam conflict, I answered the invitation to accept Christ in a little Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma, at the age of 5. Praise the Lord! To this very day, my life is devoted to giving the Lord glory and serving Him. And that includes praising Him for teaching me to find healing through The Hallelujah Lifestyle, and helping me help others to find His way to health so that they can serve Him better!

Attached to Clarissa's Health Minister's Application was a list of the physical problems she has seen either improve or totally disappear since adopting the Hallelujah Diet: incurable fibromyalgia - gone! allergies - gone! border line anemia - much improved! dandruff - gone! itchy skin - gone! body odor - gone! back pain - gone! ibs - almost totally gone! menstrual pain - gone! hemorrhoids - gone! depression - gone! inordinate fatigue - gone! mental fog - gone! insomnia - gone! morning mack truck feeling - gone! difficulty walking - gone! (before the diet change I needed a wheelchair for any long distance walking. difficulties getting enough breath - gone! pain when I tried to exercise - gone! (it's now a pleasure to exercise and I now work out in a gym 3 to 4 days a week.) frequent headaches - gone! balance difficulties - gone! stomach pain - gone! (now only when I eat something I shouldn't.) planter fascitis - gone! high cholesterol and triglycerides - gone! obesity - gone! (now almost to target weight. I have lost over 45 pounds and gone from a size 18 to a size 4. all of this weight was lost within the first year of adopting the Hallelujah Diet.) fms - gone! (officially declared clinically well in august 2004.)

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