We were introduced to the Hallelujah Diet in May 2000, and immediately went on it 100%. We have been on it, at least 95% raw, since that time. The results have been absolutely phenomenal. The seven months we have been on the diet have been some of the most exciting of our lives.

We deeply immersed ourselves into studying your books, watching and listening to your video and audio tapes, and reading all the information on your Web site. The Hallelujah Diet sounds too good to be true, but we believe we've verified that everything we've learned is complete truth. We believe the most important thing we could tell anyone about is Jesus! We believe the second most important thing we could tell anyone about is the Hallelujah Diet! We believe your abundance of evidence, including personal testimonies, that if anyone will use the Hallelujah Diet for at least six months, at least 90% of all sicknesses and diseases can be healed and the person can remain free from such conditions.

Personally, we've found tremendous results, including increased energy and stamina, can occur within 21 days. Lill has had digestive problems most of her life, with two major surgeries on her intestines. Still, she suffered much pain in her abdominal area and couldn't eat many foods. Within 21 days after going on the Hallelujah Diet, she was completely free from pain and feeling great--riding her bicycle up to 12 miles per day. She lost 10 pounds of weight in 21 days and leveled out at her best weight.

I was getting arthritis in my right shoulder. Within 21 days on the Diet, the arthritis disappeared and I have never felt better. I lost 20 pounds and leveled at my best weight. I doubled my exercise program within six weeks after going on the diet. My morning exercise now consists of 75 push- ups, 75 sit-ups, 75 curls with two 15-lb barbells, one hour on the Nordic Track Ski Machine, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and a swim in the pool. I can walk four miles in less than an hour. By the way, I am similar in age to you at 67 years. Hallelujah!

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