I was absolutely thrilled to read your book, 'God's Way to Ultimate Health'. For some time I have been researching better nutrition for better health. First I must tell you that I have gone the complete route of all the misinformed most of my life. When I was a young teenager in England I got started into body building and read all I could on training for a better, stronger body. Just about everything I read told that you needed lots of red meat for protein. I ate steaks all the time and cooked all the 'so called' good nutritious foods I could afford.

On top of that I spent all my money on supplements. Well as the years rolled by I did build a big strong body. I went into the Royal Navy as an engineer officer and we ate what was considered great food in the officers' mess. Being young I survived well, came out of the navy and ended up in this country. I went back to weight lifting and thought I was doing alright. Even up to the age of 53, I was still working out with the trainer telling me what supplements to buy and what to eat for a healthy and strong body. Problem was that I started to get sick. I first got an attack of kidney stones which was probably the worst pain I have gone through in my life.

Naturally the doctor gave me drugs and said apart from surgery there was not much he could do! I again started to read every book I could on gall and kidney stones but nowhere did I find the basic cause of this problem. I took more supplements in the hope it would help but the problem persisted. I had stopped working out in the gym and slowly my weight increased to 240 pounds. I felt worse and worse, my energy had all gone. At the beginning of 1994, I got my first pain with prostate trouble. My doctor took blood samples and gave me drugs. About six months later it was worse and the doctor told me he thought I could have cancer of the prostate.

Now as you can imagine, this shook me up with a jolt. I went to the health food store and got every book I could on fighting cancer without taking drugs or having surgery. About this time was when I got Dr. Walker's book (on raw vegetable juices) and suddenly started to get some hope that there was a better way -- to eat right and let my body heal itself!!! I tell you, overnight I became a vegetarian. Soon after I bought your book and it reinforced all my decisions. In just five weeks (after starting the Hallelujah Diet) my weight has gone down to 188 pounds and I am full of energy. My blood pressure is down to normal and I feel great. I let my doctor monitor my PSA and the count was way down. I think I am well on the way to recovery and I owe it all to you.

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