A week before Easter 2001 my 74 year old mother was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer. I had heard about the Hallelujah Diet a few years ago and had followed it with successful weight loss. I told my mother about the diet and that day she cut out meat, dairy, salt, sugar, and all processed foods. Over the next weeks we did more research and decided to cut out fruit until the cancer was gone. The only oils my mother took was Flax Seed and Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. She took several supplements including B-12, Grape Seed extract and Green Tea extract. Other than that she followed Dr. Malkmus' recommendations religiously.

My mother's doctors thought we were nuts. The doctors didn't do a tumor marker for several weeks until we requested one. By the time she had her first tumor marker, she had been on the diet for perhaps 6 weeks. Her 1st marker was 147 points. Tests showed that the tumor was about 2-3 cm wide just inside her rectum. Because the Cat scan and other tests could not tell whether the cancer had spread, my mother opted to have surgery. The day before her surgery (about 2 weeks after the 1st tumor marker was done) she had another tumor marker done. The score was 130 points. Surgery was very hard on her but she is gaining back her strength. Since then her tumor markers dropped to 17.5, 5.1 and most recently 3.4 (0-5 is normal). The doctors still want her to have Chemo and Radiation. No way! I'm so proud of my mom for changing her diet so radically. She has lost 50 unneeded pounds and looks great.

She has set an example for all those who know her that our bodies can heal themselves if we stop poisoning ourselves and feed ourselves foods that will heal. Thank you to the Malkmus's and all those associated with you.

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