My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 2, and she has been through 2 � years of extremely high doses of chemotherapy, brain radiation, spinal taps, bone marrow implants, 7 surgeries, and countless hospital stays.

In spite of all the medical profession could do, they told us that her type of leukemia would probably come back within the first year, because it usually did. I told God that I would do anything to improve Laura's chances. Well a woman who had cancer told me that she felt that if she had changed her nutrition when she was younger, she would not have cancer now.

So I started researching nutrition, and someone in my church told me about The Hallelujah Diet. I read 'Why Christians Get Sick,' and 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' Immediately, I started throwing out everything bad in my kitchen. Before reading your books, I thought I would probably lose my child, so I started crying, because I felt God impressing on my heart that here in your books were my answers. We have only been on The Hallelujah Diet for 6 months, slowly improving as I got Rhonda's recipe book, and learned how to fix meals.

Laura passed her 1 year remission in September, and her blood counts have improved dramatically, her red hair is now past her shoulders, she has grown over 4 inches, and hasn't had to go to the doctor, (except for her blood counts to be checked,) since last February. She occasionally still gets a runny nose, but it never gets green like it used to, nor lasts more than a week -- while her colds used to last 5 to 6 weeks. I figure we are still getting a lot of chemotherapy toxins out of her system.

The whole family is on The Hallelujah Diet, Laura 5, Chip 4, and Heather 14 months. We explained to the children why we changed their diet, and they have accepted it very well. Besides Laura, my other children are doing very well on the diet also. And my wonderful husband Charlie, is behind me all the way. I personally went on the diet for Laura's sake, but I would never, ever, go back to the old way of eating. I have lost 51 pounds, my heel spur is gone, my bulging disk is less than a quarter the size it used to be, my sinus problems are gone, my itchy scalp is gone, my hemorrhoids don't hurt any more, and may be entirely gone. I am 42 years old, and I feel like I have the energy I had when in my 20s.

By the way, the BarleyMax is a great improvement. I had tried several other brands before I heard of yours - so thanks for the e-mail update announcing it. I was going to wait to write my testimony, but when I read how The Hallelujah Diet was being attacked by those who said it was deficient because it eliminated animal products, it grieved me, and I just had to write and tell you what The Hallelujah Diet had done for us.

Here I thought I was going to lose my daughter, and now she is doing so well, and so am I, and the rest of my family, and I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your stand and information and ministry. I have told anyone who asks about Laura, how your ministry has helped her, and given countless people your Web site and basic information.

It being the first Thanksgiving Day on our new diet, when I thanked Jesus for all my blessings, you were at the top of my list. Also, people keep asking me how I went from a size 16 plus, to wearing size 8 and 10's in six months. So I gladly tell them! Mama's heart for helping us. Love in Christ.

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