Three months ago, a visit to the hospital was the motivational factor that caused my wife and I to finally understand that total and real healing would manifest only when we took heed to and applied God's Word to our physical bodies. We first learned about The Hallelujah Diet 10-years ago, and knew the concept was the correct one, but did not have the wisdom to understand that abstaining from certain foods harmful to the body (Romans 12:2) was Biblical separation, and the fulfillment of Romans 12:2.

My visit to the hospital on June 5th revealed that my blood pressure and cholesterol were too high. The
doctor prescribed different medications to treat these conditions, but while in the hospital the Holy Spirit reminded me that He had already shown me how to remedy these physical problems 10-years prior, when I first learned about The Hallelujah Diet. Only this time I had more wisdom and was convicted that The Hallelujah Diet path was the path I should take. So I received the medication from the doctor, but just as soon as I arrived home, my wife and I threw the medications the doctor had given us in the trash, transformed our kitchen into a Hallelujah Kitchen, and have not looked back, as we trusted the beautiful body God had already provided us for the healing.

Within 2-months of adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I visited the doctor's office for my check up and received the report that my blood pressure was now normal and cholesterol was no longer an issue. Because of the tremendous improvements my wife and I have experienced in our health since adopting The Hallelujah Diet, we have shared this Health Message with, and been able to help others with their health issues, including our pastor. I want to attend Health Minister Training so that I can understand the concepts more thoroughly, so that we can not only live it more effectively personally, but also be better equipped to help others with their health issues.

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