It's like this: I'm a true blue Montana girl. Steak should be rare and Jo-jo's fried. Salad ought to be "on the side" and more like an afterthought. Bread ought to be white and there better be a whole loaf of it when it comes out with the barbecue. And cook those vegetables with lots of salt and sugar, because it just tastes better that way.

Actually, that was me before I found out I had high blood pressure and skyrocketing cholesterol; before I got tired of the joint pains, particularly in my knees, and the migraines, moodiness, and premenstrual pain.

When enough was finally enough, I agreed to try The Hallelujah Diet for two weeks - just to see what would happen. I admit I felt like an idiot going into it. I thought I knew a lot about what was 'good' for me, and I wasn't willing to waste any time on another health book. There are too many out there, and they all say the same thing. But this was like starting from scratch--learning about what's in food, what it does to my body, understanding why sunlight, rest, exercise, and clean water are so important to my overall health. All these things are so obvious, and yet it's so easy to forget about them when life is so daily. I also never knew what the Bible had to say about nutrition. It never occurred to me that the answers to my health problems were right there in the Bible. After reading the book and putting what I learned into action, my eyes were opened to all the danger I had been inflicting upon my body (and my mind and spirit). It was like being nibbled to death by a duck! A very slow suicide.

The reality of my situation really took hold in those two weeks, though, when I noticed that old knee pain was simply gone. my blood pressure and cholesterol problems decreased. my migraines were gone. I was less moody and irritable. Even my husband, who had had terrible problems with arthritis, found himself pain-free for several days at a time, and his really bad days were less intense. I'm still no expert on health and nutrition, but I can say this: I challenge you to go "Hallelujah" for two weeks. Whether you have health problems or not, just try it. And if you don't feel infinitely better then go back to eating the old way. What have you got to lose?

As much as I miss eating a rare steak, I don't miss all the health problems I used to have. The bottom line for me is that nothing tastes better than great health feels.

Note: One more thing. If you think you can't eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains every day, check out the recipes in this book. They are awesome. This Montana girl is sold out to The Hallelujah Diet.

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