Dr. Malkmus, Recently I went to my hematologist/oncologist for my annual blood work and am very thankful to the Lord that I am still leukemia free! I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for almost three years now.

Within less than a year after starting the diet, my leukemia went into remission and has been in remission ever since. I believe the Lord has healed me through this diet. I remember promising the Lord I would not only go on the diet, but would follow it for the rest of my life. I thank God for the people who led me to your Health Tip and this lifestyle. The doctors still can't understand how I went into remission without chemotherapy. In fact, they were so distraught; they did a bone marrow test. The bone marrow was as clean and pure as that of a newborn baby! God is good! Thank you!

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