Dear Rev. Malkmus: My family and I have been doing the Hallelujah Diet for two and a half years. I have a son who had a brain injury at birth. He has multiple handicaps but is doing quite well. He is tube fed and yet he stills eats a 90% raw food diet. We bought a Vita-Mix and make special meals for him. He looks very healthy. He is on no medications. He used to have severe reflux and seizures .

We are currently in North Carolina doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for his brain injury. All the parents that are here have remarked at how good Josiah looks. They all want to know what we feed him. He doesn't look like a kid with cerebral palsy. I believe his diet, the aggressive physical therapy that we put him through, and God answering our prayers is why Josiah is doing so good. As a matter of fact we saw his neurologist just before we left to come to North Carolina and he measured Josiah's head and it had grown a full centimeter in six months. He had no explanation as to why it happened (kids with severe brain injuries usually have small heads and they just stop growing.) He told us to just keep doing what we are doing. I give all the praise to God. Thank you for your ministry. The Lord has used you to help us tremendously

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