I had a difficult time getting pregnant. Then, when I prayed and asked God for a child. He answered my prayer with a baby girl! Then I prayed for a second child, and He answered my prayer with a baby boy! I did not ask God for my third child, he was just a gift from God! Because of this pregnancy, I found out early on that I had cancer in my body that I did not previously know about. Following is an account of the progress of the cancer and then the healing of my cancer:
* Breast cancer diagnosis (after becoming pregnant) in May
of 1999.
* Had lumpectomy--lymph margins clear.
* Refused to accept chemotherapy while pregnant.
* Had Daniel, a beautiful healthy baby, in November 1999.
* Went back to work thinking I was ok.
* In May of 2000, started having sharp pains in my lower
back that radiated down my leg. Also had numbness in toes and extreme pain.
* MRI revealed destructive mass in lower back and that the cancer had metastasized to my spine.
* In June of 2000, a bone scan revealed cancer in my bones.
* I was given Demerol in its strongest form (with push button) to try to relieve the extreme pain I was experiencing.
* In August 2000, I started chemotherapy.
* Received radiation therapy during August, September, and October 2000.
* During this time, I could do nothing for myself and received home health care.
* A second bone scan in November 2000 revealed my cancer was getting worse and was upgraded to 'stage four.'
* I now weighed over 200 pounds.
* In May 2000, I started doing the Hallelujah Diet off and on, but was still eating fish and chicken.
* Went to Rev. Malkmus' seminar on January 25, 2001 and began the Hallelujah Diet and lifestyle 100%. Exercised, drank distilled water, juiced, ate living foods, 85% raw, 15% cooked, with no milk, meat, white flour products, sugar, or salt.
* Had a cleansing crisis, then began feeling better and better each day.
* Began to feel my fingers and toes again.
* In April 2001, I asked for another bone scan.
* The technician asked 'Are you sure you had a bone cancer diagnosis?'
* And my doctor informed me: 'Reports show you are cancer free!'
* Have lost over 25 pounds since starting the Hallelujah Diet 100% on January 25, 2001. Have significantly increased energy, while my stage 4 cancer is simply gone!

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