My mom was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, and the doctor told her that the cancer had most likely spread to other organs. My mom also had acid reflux. Her breast was so swollen she did not have a nipple, and the breast was hot and hard. The doctor told her that all he could do was remove her breast. I asked the doctor what the chances of the cancer returning were if he removed the breast, and he answered '75 percent.'

I was already familiar with Dr. Lorraine Day and already had her tape 'Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore.' Just 2-weeks before mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had been on the Internet and just happened to stumble upon The Hallelujah Diet. So, the same day mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (July 26, 2004) I put her on The Hallelujah Diet. Today (November 23, 2004), my mom's sharp pains have left, the fever in her breast is gone, the swelling is leaving, and you can see her nipple again! Praise God! She has also lost 30 pounds, and no longer has to take tums for acid reflux.

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