We first heard about you on a Bee Alive broadcast which offered your book 'Why Christians Get Sick'. Our whole family has adopted the Hallelujah diet and life is better for all!!!

Since going on the Hallelujah Diet, my husband, Bill, has eliminated his heartburn. His hiatal hernia is gone. His snoring has stopped. His legs don't ache any more. Headaches are gone. He has more energy. Has lost 16 pounds and been able to give up his 6-8 Mylanta per day.

I (Yvonne) have lost 30 pounds. Migraines gone. Nerves calmed. Panic attacks gone. Arthritis in back gone. Circulaton improved. No more cold and tingling hands and feet. Fever blisters gone. Spastic colon and hemorrhoids gone. Fibrous breast tumors gone. Greater physical strength and mental clarity.

Our daughter Amy who has Spinalbifida and juvenile diabetes is off Macrodantin (antibiotic) for her kidneys, reduced insulin from 23 to 4 units a day, lost 14 pounds and her constipation problem of 19 years is gone. Also, her skin has improved and she has more energy and is off her blood pressure medicine - skin much improved. We love Rhonda's recipes. Thank you for all that you do to help others.

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