I just got back from Kenya, where the ministry is growing so fast that I am overwhelmed by the work that I have to do to educate my people on the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle. The most encouraging thing is that many people are now familiar with the diet and lifestyle and it is easy for me to talk about it. The testimonies of those who have been on the Hallelujah Diet are so many that I cannot really tell it all.

I have, however, three very burning ones which I thought you would want to hear. First is from a 15 year old boy, who was diagnosed with Leukemia, early this year. The mother did not know anything about nutrition and allowed the doctors to give him chemo and radiation. When they finally could not help, they told the mother that there is nothing they could do. Out of desperation, the mother took a prayer request to the church. One of my ministry helpers heard and introduced the mother to the Hallelujah Diet and told them to contact me for further instructions. The boy was at this time very week, had several fractures in his hip joints, could not walk and was in a lot of pain. He was permanently stuck in a wheelchair.

They took him home and started him on the diet. It is now 8 months since he started the Hallelujah Diet and he is walking and ready to go back to school in January. I visited with his family, while I was in Kenya and they are all very grateful. He is telling everybody about the Hallelujah Diet and the danger of eating a meat diet. The mother who is an administrator at a private Christian school, has also become an advocate for the Hallelujah Diet. By the way, I did an interview, on tape, with the boy and his mother, which I intend to send to you but it is being edited at this time.

The next testimony is of a woman who had breast cancer, on both of her breasts, and was pregnant. The doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy and have both breasts removed. The bishop in her church, who had attended one of my seminars, told her to contact me immediately, before she made any decision. I introduced her to the Hallelujah Diet, and she started immediately. Six months later, the mother has her two breasts and a bouncing baby with no trace of cancer. The baby is now walking. When she gave her testimony in church, she brought her baby and everybody was in tears.

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