I would like to encourage anyone who has cancer. In 1997 I was told I had breast cancer. I went through surgery, chemo,radiation and then 2 yrs of tomoxifen. In march 2000 the cancer had spread to my bones. I went through the conventional treatment again for another year until I got so weak that I knew if I went for treatment one more time it would kill me, so I stopped.

I had to find another Doctor because mine refused to help me if I wasn't going to listen to him. The next Doctor treated me with aridea once a month. I was told the cancer won't spread with this treatment. Well it did. Then chemo and radiation were recommended again. I was told if I live, I'll be the first. All they can do is keep following the cancer and kill it with radiation.

At this time I gave my life over to the Lord, totally. I trusted that somehow I would get healed. A few months later my Pastor told me about H. Acres. Since I started with my new lifestyle 5 weeks ago some really wonderful things have happen: in one week my acid reflux disease, chronic sinus problems and chronic yeast infections were gone and after a very , very difficult detox the pain from the cancer is 75% gone and still going. I'm starting to feel stronger in every way. God is bringing me through it. If you call out to Him he will help you too. God Bless everyone who has encouraged me.

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