Dear George & Rhonda - Thank you! - I have much less pain since starting The Hallelujah Diet on September 9, 2006. Before the diet change, I had pain going down my left leg and I could not stand or walk for any length of time. The doctors wanted to do surgery, which I refused.

Now, after the diet change, I can walk 2 miles without pain! Hallelujah! My husband had pressure in his chest upon exertion all last summer. The doctors had him hospitalized 3 times and installed 2 stints. After all that pain and expense, the doctors decided that his problem was not his heart at all, but his esophagus. They put him on a medicine that he had severe reactions to, so he quit taking it.

Then in September 2006 we decided to go to the Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle Center in Stanton, Kentucky. Well praise the Lord, after only a month on the hallelujah diet, he is experiencing no more pressure or pain in his chest upon exertion. He has also lost 11 pounds and has lots of energy! Thank you both so much for helping us recover our health, and thank you for all that you do! Rhonda, your recipes are great!

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