Leon and I have a very successful Health Ministry here in Maryville. .My testimony appeared in the Hallelujah Diet quarterly Back to the Garden, paper publication, Issue #29, dated Fall 2004. I had stage IV breast cancer that had gone into my bones, and had been given only 6-months to 2-years to live.

I changed my diet, and went 100% on The Hallelujah Diet. I am now 5-years and 7-months down the road from terminal cancer, and I don't even take an aspirin. Praise God! I will never stop being
thankful for the health that I now have. I have never felt better in my life - not even as a child. We had George come and speak to our class here in Maryville, TN, a little over a year ago, right after we started teaching the Hallelujah program.

For the past year, we have averaged anywhere from 35 to 55 people every week. They come from everywhere. I am on the phone ministering with people all over the world several hours a week. In addition to our regular weekly meetings, we have a raw potluck once a month, attended by 20 to 40 people, This Hallelujah program has changed my life, and I love seeing what it is doing for others. This is the greatest ministry in the world!

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