I just wanted to write and thank you for your kind, and thorough answer to my letter. You may remember, that I moved to Atlanta to begin a doctoral program at Georgia State University. I have since decided to drop the program. I just was not up to 3-4 years more of the 'establishment medicine' route!

In the meantime, I am an Exercise Physiologist with a Personal Training business. I am incorporating your (God's) ideas into my everyday conversations with my clients. You may be pleased to learn that I, too, now consider most everything from established, mainstream, medicine to be false. There is hope for me yet!

Perhaps there might be some way that I, as an exercise professional, can be of service in your ministry. After 5 jars of dehydrated barley juice powder and carrot juice and copious raw vegetables and fruits daily, my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are completely gone! Praise God for the work you are doing.

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