Dear George and Rhonda: I thank God for the both of you,You saved my life.

Last October (1994) I was just about to go under. For the past seven years I hadn't slept much more than 3 hours a night. Because I couldn't get sufficient sleep,I felt so bad some nights I wondered if I would wake up the next morning alive. Besides that, I had a herniated disc, pinched nerves and high blood pressure.

Well, to make a long story as short as possible, I was sharing my physical problems with a man I met at the North Georgia State Fair in Marietta and he gave me an audio tape by Rev. Malkmus which I listened to all the way home. When I got back home I changed my diet. Went off all meat, sugar, etc. My prostate was well in a little over two weeks as was my high blood pressure and within two months, all my health problems had hobbled off somewhere and were gone. I juice carrots, apples and celery and I wouldn't eat meat again if you paid me. I have lost 25 pounds and feel better than I have in 28 years. Keep up the good work Brother George. Hallelujah for Hallelujah Acres!

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