My mother and I are so excited about how Hallelujah Acres is touching lives right here in the Michigan area. We have graduated 12 students from the Get Healthy! Stay Balanced course and we are accompanying one of our most recent graduates to attend the upcoming Health ministers training this month!

Since following the Hallelujah diet and lifestyle, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, my mother and I have collectively lost over 100 pounds and I have conquered cancer! Hallelujah! We are healthier, stronger and more vibrant than we've ever been. Mom and I attended the health ministers reunion and culinary class earlier this year, and it was truly life changing.

We are so amazed and thankful to God for how he is blessing you and Hallelujah Acres and we pray for continued increase in prosperity; body, soul and spirit. Your ministry continues to help transform our lives and the lives of those sent to us, even my 2 teenage sons! Thank you, Dr. Malkmus, for your obedience, love and support. We are truly looking forward to seeing you and the entire staff soon.

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