I am 30 years old and was about 130 pounds overweight. We learned of you on the Internet, and went on the Hallelujah Diet 'cold-turkey' April 11,1999, and my health problems have simply disappeared! I have always had problems with my weight, from the time I was a child. I had, in the past, tried every kind of diet and so-called miracle pill that was supposed to help you lose weight. Nothing worked! I was rather depressed about it and had about given up and resigned myself to being fat the rest of my life.

Enter the Hallelujah Diet. In just a little over 4 months, I have lost 44 pounds and went from a size 20 dress to a 16. And I am not done yet! Not only that, but I feel so much better! I have always had problems with my menstrual cycle, from the time I first started having a monthly period at the age of 13--until 4 months ago. Since going on the Hallelujah Diet I have had a period every month! Not only that, but I don't have those feelings of depression that I used to have, or the acid reflux, or the heartburn, or the sinus problems, and my hair and nails are growing faster, my skin is not as oily, my face doesn't break out any more, and a lady at church told me that I have a sparkle in my eyes that wasn't there before. Hallelujah!

I have now introduced ten other people besides my family of five to the Hallelujah Diet. My husband had high cholesterol and was overweight. He, too, has lost 44 pounds and his cholesterol has dropped from 210 to 169. My 11-year old son, who was also overweight, has lost 18 pounds. Keep up the good work.

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