Hello Brother George. I have a great praise report to share: At the age of 42, I had arthritis so bad I could not raise my arms above my shoulders, much less my head. Nor could I bend down to pick something off the floor. I often would find myself in the morning lying in bed and crying, because I was so stiff and hurt so bad, I could not bear to move. Then I would roll myself off the bed, falling to the floor, in so much pain I would almost pass out.

I was on Prednisone and unknowingly a very bad diet. At 5' 9" tall, I weighed 215 pounds. I would go to Sunday School and church, and if I had to go to the bathroom during Sunday School, the class would stop and pray for me, because I moved so slowly and in such obvious pain. The people in church were offering me every remedy they knew of to help me, and I was on numerous prayer lists. I got to where I no longer wanted to go to church anymore because I wasn't getting any better, in spite of all the prayers and concerns of the people � that is until learned about The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle.

Prior to adopting The Hallelujah Diet� I was going to the best doctors at Duke University Hospital. They saw my condition, and gave me prescriptions for various drugs, which they said I would have to take for the rest of my life, and more than likely I would end up in a wheelchair. They also told me that there was no cure for arthritis. Just prior to one of these visits, I had learned about The Hallelujah Diet, and I gave the doctor back the prescriptions he had just given me, and told him I would be back for my 3 month check up to prove that a changed diet could cure my arthritis. My doctor told me that there were no studies proving any relationship between diet and the reversing of arthritis. I responded kindly, 'I know that is what is taught, but I'll be back to show you that there is a relationship.'

Three months later I was back for my follow up with the same doctor, one of the top arthritis specialists at Duke, only this time the doctor didn't even recognize me. In just 3 months on The Hallelujah Diet I had lost 42 pounds and 95% of my arthritis was gone! She was so impressed with my results tears came to her eyes. She then went on to say that she had never seen anyone ever get better on drugs, and that I was doing the right thing and should continue with the diet. During that same 3 months on The Hallelujah Diet, my body odor went away, my energy levels soared, and I had so much energy I could hardly stand still, and I was getting more work done in 1 day than I had been getting done in a week before the diet change.

Over the next few months I got off the diet a tad, and my weight, along with some arthritis symptoms started to come back. So I started back on the diet full-bore on July 4th 2005, declaring my independence from the S.A.D. diet, and I have not looked back. So here I am 3 years later and my arthritis is completely gone, my hair is darker, and I turned 45 years old on September 14. All my gray hair has disappeared and my dentist tells me that I have the top 5% best gums of all his patients. My local doctor was shocked to see my weight loss and all my blood work came back normal. Following that visit, my doctor's wife, who works in the office with him, asked me many questions about The Hallelujah Diet. I find many people are hungry for the truth concerning diet and lifestyle, even doctor's wives.

It took me many years of reading and researching nutrition before I learned of The Hallelujah Diet. Now, because of this diet, not only have I reversed my arthritis, but many of my friends have been able to eliminate their health problems, after learning about the diet from me, and watching my health improve. After Jesus, this Hallelujah Diet is the greatest thing to happen to me in my entire life. I would not trade what I have learned for any amount of money. Many wealthy people suffer with arthritis and other debilitating problems and even die after much suffering with cancer, and all their money couldn't stop their suffering and untimely deaths. This Hallelujah Diet is God's plan for the proper nourishment of all people and He gave this plan to us in Genesis 1:29 for all to read.

My dad is a pastor, and I tried to get him to adopt The Hallelujah Diet for years, but all he did was come up with excuses for why he couldn't do it. Today dad is on the diet and admits how easy it really is to do and he feels so much better. Dad is now sharing with the people in his church the amazing power of this diet and dedicated a recent service to sharing it from the pulpit. After the service, people stayed long after wanting to know more. Our churches desperately need this information.

I am so thankful you never gave up Brother Malkmus, even though most Christians rejected your health message in those early days. Because of your life and testimony multitudes of God's people have been restored to health. I could type for days and not run out of things to share regarding the results I have personally experienced and seen others experience as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet. This diet works!

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