My father died from complications from medicines taken for arthritis. My mother-in-law died from lung cancer. As a nurse, I have seen too many people suffer needlessly. The Hallelujah Diet has personally healed me of some life threatening illnesses. My passion is to help teach others how to get well God's Way. For far too long, the medical community has been telling us too many lies. We must get this truth out! People are looking and searching, and Hallelujah Acres has the answers!

When asked to share her personal experience regarding The Hallelujah Diet, Tammy wrote the following: "By December 1998, I had come to the place in my life where I was 'sick and tired of being sick and tired,' and I had very little energy. Some days it seemed every bone in my body ached. I experienced pain in my feet almost daily. Some days I could hardly walk due to severe pain from heel spurs and arthritis. I also had two ganglion cysts on my left knee. I would often take Ibuprofen, 800 mgs at a time, to help with the pain. I continued to gain weight, reaching a high of 285 pounds. I blamed the weight gain on my hypothyroidism, which had been diagnosed in 1991. I often had severe sinus headaches, with occasional migraines so severe they made me vomit. I also had terrible PMS symptoms, and hypertension, along with, as I already mentioned, very little energy. My energy was so low; I had to take a nap every day just to make it through the day.

About a week before Christmas 1998, I prayed and asked God to help me and show me what to do to improve my health. Within just a few days we were given a juicer, along with a copy of Dr. Malkmus' book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health.' Well, to make a long story short, we adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and here we are seven years later. Since making the diet change, I have lost 90 pounds; I have incredible energy; and seldom take a nap. I no longer have heel spurs or ganglion cysts or pain in my feet or knee, and my PMS symptoms are totally gone. my chronic sinus problems are now history, and I was able to quit taking my thyroid medication. my blood pressure is now normal, I no longer have constipation, and my menstruation is now regular and normal.

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