I told the Lord in prayer, that if The Hallelujah Diet could heal me I would be obligated to share the Hallelujah Acres Health Message with others. My road to recovery began when Health Minister Bonita Ellis shared The Hallelujah Diet with my wife Leona, after Leona had told Bonita that I was contemplating brain surgery to alleviate a diagnosis of incurable Essential Tremors in my hands.

I had been diagnosed with having Essential Tremors a couple of years before and had tried to correct the problem with doctor prescribed drugs. Several of these medications resulted in bad side effects: such as vomiting, dizziness, and loss of balance. When the doctors could not find a medication to help my Essential Tremors I was sent to a brain surgeon in St. Louis. He described the procedure: They would place a probe into the suspected faulty area of my brain and run wires down through the neck to a pacemaker type device implanted in my chest. Two operations would be required in order to control both sides of my body. However, since I was still able to dress and feed myself, the surgeon did not advise the surgery until I was totally incapacitated.

After Health Minister Bonita had explained the many seemingly miraculous healing of various diseases by simply adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my wife and I decided to give the diet a try as a last-ditch effort in an attempt to avoid brain surgery. We attended the 'Get Healthy! Stay Balanced classes at Bonita's home in the fall of 2005. At the time, Essential Tremors were not the only health issues I was being doctored for. I was also on medication for asthma, nasal congestion, arthritis, acid-reflux, high blood pressure, and depression. For these various problems, the doctor had prescribed about 30-pills a day, plus a nasal spray for the congestion and 2 asthma sprays. It was almost a full time job keeping track of my medications.

Today, approximately one year after starting The Hallelujah Diet, I am taking no medications of any kind for anything, have more energy, and have lost over 30 pounds. I still have some tremors but they have improved. However, even if the tremors don't completely go away, the health benefits with regards to all my others ailments have made The Hallelujah Diet well worth the effort, and I have been able to escape brain surgery for my Essential Tremors. My wife Leona and I are active in a church of 2,000 members. We have shared with others in our church the amazing results we obtained by eating God's way. I often share how I had lost 50 pounds on another weight loss program, without experiencing all the other health benefits achieved by following God's eating plan. It is my wife's and my vision, to share this Hallelujah Health Message that 'You Don't Have to be Sick,' with others.

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