There is a good reason why you are called Hallelujah Acres. My husband and I, (both 48) have been on the diet since October. The last two years have been spent in and out of doctor's offices with stomach ulcers, precancerous skin lesions, and osteoarthritis.

Within three weeks of beginning a modest attempt at the Hallelujah Diet I had no more pain from my arthritis. This is truly a miracle, as I was having to get up during the night to take aspirin or Tylenol. What has been equally exciting is my husband has no more stomach pain and the dermatologist is very pleased with how his skin looks. As college teachers we feel sorry for students who cannot stay awake in class, are sick with colds, flu, stomach problems. Our nation's kids are being debilitated and killed slowly by the standard American diet. Someday we would like to be Health Ministers.

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