I minister internationally, in churches with up to 15,000 members. I have ministered to sick Christians many times, and have even held Healing Crusades. However, I realize that the body of Christ is in bad shape physically.

Personally, I have been believing God for total health for fifteen years now. I have tried many diets, even went on an extended fast recently to seek God concerning this matter. One week before the fast ended, God gave me your book ('God's Way to Ultimate Health') through a lady visiting our church here in South Africa. Every page was God speaking to me. I have been overweight, weighing 120 KG--now I weigh 90 KG. I had problems with boil type infection, and these have all disappeared. I had allergies and reacted with severe itching bumps all over my body, which are now gone.

These problems have not come back because I eat healthy now! I am now disciplined! I want to fulfill well God's plan for my life!!! I feel called to tell South Africa, and the churches here, about the Hallelujah Diet.

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