I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the fall of 2002. I had been having quite a bit of trouble with my legs, especially when getting out of a chair, or out of the bed upon arising. I prayed and prayed for the Lord to show me the problem.

I own my own tax business and one day a client brought me 4 old copies of Back to the Garden. I read and read, barely able to put the issues down, and started juicing carrots, spinach, celery and taking Barley Max. I started out with an inexpensive juicer. I was relieved of my leg problems in a very short time. I discontinued Bextra and Ultram. I have been on 2 blood pressure medications for many years and am now taking only one. I feel the best I have felt in a very long time. I gave my mother my older juicer and bought a Green Star, in which I am well pleased.

I feel the best I have felt in many, many years. I have to admit that I have not followed the program perfectly. I have cut out red meat, except occasionally, am eating lots of salads, but do eat fish and chicken. I just felt I had to let you know that this has changed my life for the better. I was concerned if I could make it during tax season this year, but now I know I can. Thanks for teaching such a wonderful way of life. God Bless.

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