We were given a sweet Pomeranian dog (age 6) six years ago by a co-worker of my husband. She is now 12 years old. She could no longer take care of "Coco" because she had to move in and care for her aging mother.

I had taken Coco to the vet last year and he ran a battery of tests on her and discovered she was in the beginning stages of congestive heart failure. Her liver enzymes were off also. He is a holistic vet and uses supplements instead of drugs to treat our animals as much as possible. He put her on a supplement including l''Carnitine and co-q-10 for her heart as well as a supplement for her liver enzymes which were low. I took her back several months ago and he said her heart was just a little bit better after running all the blood tests again. The other day I was in again to have him check her teeth. He listened to her heart for a long time and said she was very much improved this time.

I told him I had been giving her the supplements in an omega 6 and omega 3 oil that he had prescribed for her dry skin. But I also told him that I had added something to her concoctions - barley max! I explained that I take it myself and how much it has helped me. I told him that it helps to regenerate cells and heal the body and he agreed with me. He wrote down my comments. I think he was really impressed!! I put about 1/4 tsp. into the supplement and oil mixture. When she hears the spoon clinking on the little dish, she comes tearing out and stays in the kitchen until she gets it. I had tried giving her the barley max with just water and she did not like it.

Dr. Malkmus and Rhonda, I am so thankful. She has also stopped coughing, a sign of congestive heart failure. The vet had said to take her on shorter walks before, but now I am going to ask him if I can increase her walks. I was so upset when he told me of her heart problem initially, but I feel like I have a new dog!

When he checked her a few months ago, he admitted that even with the supplements he had prescribed that she would never be any better, but that the supplements would help her at least not get any worse. But now I feel that there is hope that she will get better. He wants to see her in 2-3 months and run his tests again. I am so excited I can hardly wait to see what will happen. God bless you both!

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