Before adopting the Hallelujah Diet in May 2001, I had been on Celebrex and Sulfasalozine for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Since making the diet change, I no longer have to put the cruise control on in my car for the ten minute drive home from work each day, because my feet no longer ache. I can write in the morning without the stiffness in my hands. I can run up and down steps, no longer having to take baby steps. My baker's cyst behind my left knee has disappeared. My nails and hair and skin are much healthier.

I had exercised my whole adult life, and it had became frustrating not being able to enjoy my exercises, or do them to their fullest potential. But because of the diet change, I have been able to resume an advanced exercise program and am off all medications.

I tell everyone now, and preach the vegetarian gospel. Since making the diet change, I have only had a cold twice. Once in December, and once in February, due to the fact that with both Christmas and Valentines, I consumed cookies and candies, therefore allowing my immune system to be broken down by all that awful sugar. That's what I get! I won't let that happen again!

I just bought and read John Robbins book "Diet For A New America." Thank you for recommending it. It is a wonderful book. My family of five have almost completely joined me in this vegan lifestyle, not quite 100% yet, but all are eating much healthier. My husband began the diet in January 2002, and is also very pleased with the results.

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