I was given your website by a friend in America. It all started when my friend Marie, who is a MS sufferer, was diagnosed with a growth in her colon that was malignant. My mom and I decided to go on this new way of eating to encourage Marie. I am now almost fully on this diet and so is my mother. I am a paraplegic with numerous problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, arthritis, osteoporosis, have had numerous bladder and kidney infections which all go with the paraplegia. I also had serious sinus problems. My mother, who is 80 years old, was told that she had 'heart failure,' which she has had for the last 8 years. We have cut out all the meat, bread, and white stuff that was on your web page. For the first few weeks I felt terrible, it must have been all the rubbish coming out of my system." I am now starting to feel very good, and I can feel my body healing itself. On top of it all, I am finally starting to lose weight, even though I do not do very much exercise as I am in a wheelchair. My mother now has more energy and is not feeling as tired as she was and is now very active for her age. My friend Marie had an operation yesterday to discover what the problem was in her colon and we will find out how she is doing tonight when I visit her in the hospital. She has been on the carrot juice and a lot of raw fruit and vegetables, so hopefully they did not find anything wrong. Thanks again. Some of the ladies at work can see how good I am beginning to look and are asking me for the Hallelujah Acres web address, which I have given to them. God bless you both, and keep up the good work. We cannot get all the things that you have in America, but I have at last found a good juicer and blender.

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