I know it's probably too soon to be 'bragging,' however, I was at the Hallelujah Diet Total Health Retreat last week and I have not had a headache since adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I had been suffering terribly from headaches for the last several months. Had a mastectomy last June. My breast cancer was quite small, and I refused chemotherapy and radiation. I had been taking an anti-estrogen for the past year. It made me feel awful - stressed out and no sleep at night, sweats, hot flashes, etc.

Thank God, my doctor took me off of that. Since stopping the anti-estrogen and going on The Hallelujah Diet, I haven't felt this well in a year. Thanks for all your help and information. My family is very skeptical, but I pray that I will continue to do what I know is right! Keep serving the Lord in this way. This is a great ministry!

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