Hello. I am Reymond, from the Philippines, 37 years of age. I started The Hallelujah Diet� 5-months ago because my father, who had been diagnosed with 3 blocked arteries was in need of bypass surgery. A good friend of my dad introduced The Hallelujah Diet to us because he was concerned with my father's situation.

Well, we both went on the diet. Since I started the diet, I feel very good! The first thing I noticed after starting The Hallelujah Diet was that I no longer needed my eyeglasses, as I began seeing clearly without them and the heaviness in my eyes was gone. Prior to the diet change I had tried to bring
down my 220 cholesterol reading with drugs to no avail.

After just 5-months on The Hallelujah Diet, my cholesterol was down to 143 without drugs, just purely The Hallelujah Diet. Wow, what great news! I am 5' 9" in height and used to weigh 185 pounds, but now weigh 165 pounds. I lost 20- pounds in 5-months time on your diet. I usually drink 3 glasses of carrot juice and 2 barley drinks daily.

Concerning my dad, he no longer wants to undergo by-pass surgery because he believes in your plan. He is doing very well on the hallelujah diet and has lost 30-pounds. he feels great and has not experienced any chest pains or shortness of breath since making the diet change. I praise God for your wonderful work and pray that God will continue to bless you and your ministry. We are happy to have been introduced to you.

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